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New CSMA album

Yeah, you wait for ages for an album then three come along at once.

I’m joking of course, literally nobody is waiting for albums from me.

But I do have 3 main music projects and they all seem to have reached fruition at nearly the same time, so maybe I should apologise for the bunching of releases at least.

To clarify. my projects divide up as follows:

Helicopter Quartet: violin & synths (me) and Guitar (mike)

CSMA: Synths (me) and Synths (Stuart)

Chrissie: anything I feel like playing, but mostly violin & synths (me)

So, anyway, this came out today from Stuart & me, and has a large collection of synths on it. If you like synth music, you will hopefully find something to enjoy here. Some of it has been previewed on YouTube, but all the tracks have been carefully mixed and mastered so will be better than what you’ve already seen.

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