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It still takes us a year to record a Helicopter Quartet album, even when half of it was done in lockdown. Three tracks on this album were recorded as normal – at Rock & Roll Circus in Leeds with both of us together, reacting to each other as if playing live – and three were recorded at home.

Recording at home is difficult for a band like us, we play together, constantly reacting to what the other is doing. Even though the tracks were ‘written’ before lockdown so we had a good idea what were were going to do, there is still so much that we do when playing that informs the final track. So doing this in isolation was always going to be difficult.

We did manage it, in a slow, iterative manner, one of us laying down a base track to start with then gradually adding the layers independently. Still reacting to each other but in an extremely slow way!

But we got there in the end and here are our six tracks for 2020. I’m not going to tell you which 3 were recorded normally and which in isolation – I’ll leave that for you to speculate.

As we are still unable to meet I’m not sure when the next album will appear, I suspect that one will take much longer, so enjoy this one.

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