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New EP / album / whatever

Speaking of being ‘too shit for the mainstream’, here’s some more of it.

It’s only four tracks this time so feel free to call it an EP or album or anything else. This is all I had to say. Well, I did record 5½ tracks but only these four made it into the release.

I’ve not put any notes up with this album, things are getting too personal to document in public, suffice to say it’s not been a good year and I react to that by making dark music and hope it won’t disturb people too much.

I’m quite impressed how consistent I was with the timings on these tracks, they’re all around 4-5 minutes – almost ‘song length’ if you will. Some of them started out at 7,8 or 9 minutes and got cut down because I found them too rambling or boring. 4-5 minutes seems like an optimum amount of time to convey one ‘thing’ – whatever that thing may be. And I’m not telling.

It’s available on the usual Free/Pay What You Want deal, of course, and I suspect the cover sets the tone. Read into that what you will…

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