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Sonophilia is the beautifully named ‘Festival of Sound’ in Lincoln happening this weekend (23-26th October) and I feel very privileged to be involved in it.

There is, almost literally, something there for everyone. Rock gigs, folk gigs, busking, instrument-making demonstrations, sonic art, installations, conferences, public-access headphone pieces and loads more – if you are even slightly near to Lincoln I strongly recommend you pay it a visit this weekend, Lincoln is a lovely city even without all this going on! And this from a lass from the East Riding of Yorkshire where we call people from Lincolnshire ‘yeller bellies’ 😉

I have three things happening at this festival. On the Friday, as part of the Sonic Arts Forum conference, I will be giving a presentation about the technologies and software used in the CSMA ‘Crowd Sources‘ performance that we did for Network Music Festival. In the Angel Coffee house my piece ‘Market Hill’ will be available to listen to on headphones all weekend and, of course, I will be playing the whole of ‘Ada Live’ in the 52 speaker immersive Soundspiral on the Saturday outside the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre around 2pm on Saturday (this was moved from the Castle grounds)

Even if you don’t like what I do (and plenty don’t!) there is loads going on there so have a look at the website to see what you can go to. A lot of the events are free or by donation so it won’t even break the bank. Even if sound isn’t your thing (if so why are you reading a music blog?) there is also a sausage festival in the castle on Saturday too!

I’m properly exciting by all this and looking forward to a great weekend of sounds, I hope some people reading this can come too. Say hello if you do 🙂


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