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This Sunday is, I think, the first time I have played a gig without a violin! In deep history there was probably one at school where I played recorder but those hardly count … I have done gigs when I played guitar and (in one ill-advised case) clarinet but there was always the violin there too. This time there isn’t.

This is as part of CSMA, which I have blogged about before of course and we’ll be playing laptop controllers. I will be playing the Mixtrack Pro-II DJ controller which, further to that blog post, I now have written a complete Max application to drive, bypassing Ableton altogether. Stuart will be playing a Novation Launchpad and an Arturia Beatstep.


The piece is Crowd Sources and we are performing it at the closing concert of Network Music Festival in Birmingham. Crowd Sources is built from samples submitted from a call for sounds on social media sites and we have received a lot of very high quality recordings (some less good ones too, of course, but not as many as we expected which was nice) which we will mangling to produce ambient soundscapes, rhythms and noises. The result will be filmed and put onto YouTube, so I’ll blog about that when it’s available.


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